OXS S3 Sound Bars for TV: Upgrade Your Home Audio Experience

The OXS S3 Sound Bars for TV employ built-in DSP technology and a surround sound system to deliver realistic and immersive sound. Its wireless networking and equalization (EQ) settings may turn a regular TV into a home theater.

Its four full-range speakers and dynamic bass from port tube reflection give thrilling highs and profound lows that make movies, music, and games more accurate and immersive.

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In order to generate wireless, all-encompassing, multi-dimensional spatial sound fields, OXS produces soundbars. They are committed to making high-quality audio using simple, straightforward components, and the OXS S3 Soundbar is a prime example of this.

Once the device is activated, it produces an engulfing and realistic audio experience. With DSP technology built in, a wider dynamic range can be presented with the music, resulting in clearer vocals and better overall sound. Adding a surround audio system to a regular TV may make it seem as if you’re immersed in a 3D sound field.

Strong bass is produced by this home audio soundbars’ four full-range speakers thanks to an innovative port tube reflection, producing a superb cinematic experience that will make every film you watch unforgettable.

Dialogue Enhancement Technology is a standout feature of the product. This technique allows for a more faithful replication of musical subtlety than is possible with competing products.

When the total harmonic distortion is less than 1%, every nuance of every musical note and every word of every spoken line may be heard with crystal clarity.

It is a great option for those looking for high-quality audio; it will recreate the theater experience in the comfort of their own homes.

The device in-wall speakers are optimized for TV sound and have a variety of equalization profiles that make it easy to listen to high-quality music or engage in intensive gaming without compromising on the experience.

You may easily switch between the TV’s Music, Cinema, and Game/News equalization settings for ideal sound by pushing a button on the soundbar’s remote or altering the TV’s on-screen menu.

Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission is included into the OXS S3 home theater audio system, enabling it to be easily connected to other Bluetooth-enabled devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers while also providing lossless audio transfer and 360-degree surround sound.

USB, AUX, OPTICAL, and COAXIAL connectors allow for hardwired connections to a TV or PC. It supports both wired and wireless connections, hooking up your player to it is a simple. The soundbar’s light guide has an equalization status indication in addition to a connection status indicator.

Mounting the stylish soundbar on a table, stand, cabinet, or the wall are all viable options, depending on personal preference and room design.

With its 3D sound effects and high-quality surround sound, this 2.0-channel soundbar will make your living room seem like a movie theater. The port tube reflection was designed to deliver a mild and adjustable bass experience, complementing the soundbar’s powerful bass and four full-range speakers.

You may use the soundbar’s accompanying remote or its on-board buttons to adjust volume and other settings. If you change the mode, the LED light will change accordingly. This gadget is not compatible with a standard TV or universal remote.

Connect your TV’s audio through USB, AUX, Optical, or Coaxial connection to the OXS S3 TV speakers and enjoy crystal clear sound. The OXS S3 has built-in Bluetooth 5.0 wireless communication, making it easy to link with other devices.

Technical Specification

  • Model: OXS S3 Soundbar
  • Channel: 2.0
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, USB, AUX, OPTICAL, COAXIAL
  • Speaker Configuration: 4 full range speakers
  • Bass Technology: Special port tube reflection
  • DSP Technology: Built-in
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: <1%
  • EQ Settings: Music mode, Movie mode, Game mode/News mode
  • Dialogue Enhancement Technology: Yes
  • LED Indicator: Yes
  • Remote Control: Yes

Taking a Closer Look at the OXS S3 Soundbar

This product is an attractive sound system that supports wireless and wired connections, as well as Dialogue Enhancement Technologies for better dialogue.

With the included remote, you may change the volume and choose one of three playback settings on your soundbar. The OXS S3 television speakers provide an exceptional audio experience, putting you in the middle of the action and letting you hear every aspect of your favorite musical performances.

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