Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5″ Subwoofer: Boost Your Audio Experience with Powerful Bass

If you need a powered subwoofer for your home theater or recording studio, go no further than the Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5. It has a high-grade class D amplifier and an expertly designed MDF enclosure, so you can expect clear, thumping bass and superb sound quality. The sound is reflected and dispersed as far as possible thanks to the rear firing port. High-level speaker inputs and outputs, RCA inputs and outputs, and volume, phase, and crossover frequency settings provide distortion-free playback at any volume. The removable foam grill and sleek vinyl coating of the enclosure contribute to its attractive design.

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The Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5-inch Subwoofer is a complete powered subwoofer that can be used in a variety of settings, including a home theater or recording studio. This subwoofer, built with premium materials, provides punchy, clear bass that shakes the walls of your room.

Rockville Rock Shaker Subwoofer

Its enclosure is crafted from premium MDF wood, contributing to its exceptional audio performance. We’ve also employed a very efficient class “D” amplifier, calibrated specifically for this woofer and enclosure for maximum sound quality.

The rear-firing port was found to provide the optimum bass response and reflection for wide-area sound propagation by our team of audio experts. Excellent sound quality is guaranteed by the woofer’s high-grade foam surrounds, Y30-grade magnet, and 4-layer voice coil.

Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5 inch subwoofer is a high-quality, powerful, and adaptable device that can be used in a broad variety of home theater and studio applications.

Its inputs, outputs, and controls provide a great deal of versatility and ease when it comes to setting up and modifying your sound system to your tastes, respectively.

It is compatible with any system thanks to its RCA inputs and outputs and high-level speaker inputs and outputs. At maximum volume, the subwoofer’s 100 watts RMS output and 200 watts peak output will keep the music clean and clear.

The poly cotton used to line the enclosure is fireproof to further ensure its safety. Its RCA line input/output, speaker high-level inputs/outputs, volume control, phase switch (0°-180°), crossover frequency adjustment, and power switch offer you full command of your audio setup. The removable foam grill makes maintenance a breeze.

The Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5 Subwoofer was designed with optimized air space to provide powerful, crystal-clear bass. Because of its high-quality vinyl covering and attractive finish, as well as its strategically placed rear firing port, this speaker may serve as both a functional and visually pleasant addition to your home theater system.

Subwoofer Technical Details

  • Powered Subwoofer 6.5 inch.
  • Class D Peak amplifier.
  • Output Peak Power: 200 Watts
  • Root-Mean-Square Wattage output is 100W.
  • Impedance for Woofers is 4 ohms.
  • THD: <1%
  • Frequency Resonance, 20 Hertz to 200 Hz
  • MDF wood is used for the enclosure. Luxury vinyl used as the covering.
  • Backward-facing ports.
  • Line-level (RCA) and speaker-level (high) inputs are available.
  • High-level speaker outputs, as well as RCA line outputs
  • Adjustable crossover frequency, volume, and power on/off switches
  • It weighs 13.2 pounds and has dimensions of 11 by 11.8 by 12.6 inches.
  • Operating Voltage is 110 to 240 volts

The Rockville Rock Shaker: A Review of the Subwoofer

The Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5 subwoofer is an excellent choice for anybody seeking to enhance their listening experience due to its robust construction, versatility, and high-quality engineering; it generates tight, powerful bass that is crystal clear.

Its subwoofer’s well-engineered enclosure, Y30 grade magnet, foam surrounds, and class D amplifier are all meant to improve your listening experience and give your music more depth and dimension.

The product’s user-friendly design makes it simple to set up and begin using right away, and its sturdy construction assures that it will endure for years to come. If you need a new subwoofer, the Rockville Rock Shaker 6.5 is a great choice.

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