ULTIMEA Apollo S40 Sound Bar Review: Enjoy Balanced and Rich Sound for TV

You can upgrade your TV audio with ULTIMEA Apollo S40 Sound Bars and experience cinematic sound at home. These sound bars feature 2 tweeters and woofers for balanced sound with clear highs and richer lows. With category-specific audio tuning and ARC, Optical, AUX, USB, and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, you can customize your sound and easily connect to your devices for wireless streaming. The soundbars are also versatile, portable, and can be assembled to suit your changing needs and environments.

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Your TV craves an audio upgrade to get cinematic experience! Why not spend a little to get ULTIMEA Apollo S40 soundbar and make a big impact? With built-in 2 Tweeters and Woofers, this 2.2 ch soundbar for tv reproduces a balanced sound so you can enjoy richer lows and indulge in crisper highs with its 4 powerful speakers.

The split design of Apollo S40 allows you to occupy less space while still enhancing the sound field. Assemble in your preferred style according to the layout and atmosphere of the room, and suit changing needs and environments.

The detachable, multi-mountable ways and portable All-in-One soundbar offer any combination with TV/PC/Computer/Laptop to suit changing needs and environments.

ULTEMEA Apollo S40 provides access to category-specific audio tuning from music, movies, news/dialogue, night mode, and boosted modes for dynamic and HiFi listening, all with the touch of a button on the EQ settings.

The 2023 upgraded DSP chip ensures the soundbar does not carry static in the audio. Hear every word and sound exactly as it was meant to be heard.

It is equipped with ARC, Optical, AUX, and USB ports (all cables included) for easy and quick connection to your device. Bluetooth 5.0 ensures faster speeds and up to 49 feet of coverage range.

Control your TV and soundbar simultaneously under an ARC connection, and one-click power/volume switching reduces the number of remotes you need to keep track of.

ULTIMEA Apollo S40 is designed with separate dual woofers and two tweeters that work together to deliver clear, wide-ranging sound throughout your room. The inventive 7° tilt angle reduces the reflection of soundwaves off any supporting structure and redirects them directly into your ears, allowing for direct immersion access.

With Bluetooth 5.0’s faster speed and 15m coverage, you can stream your favorite music wirelessly in the apartment/condo/home gym/bedroom. Pair effortlessly with your TV for an instant upgrade to home theater bliss. The 15M stable transmission distance & ultra-low input lag give you zero tearing and stutter-free music, podcasts, and more.

To make the most of your ULTIMEA Apollo S40 soundbar, check all cable connections, and make sure that the audio settings on your TV are set as PCM channel. Assemble in your preferred style according to the layout and atmosphere of the room, and suit changing needs and environments.

For more premium soundbars, You can check at Samsung HW-Q60B soundbar.

Technical Details

Product Name: ULTIMEA Apollo S40 Sound Bars

Dimensions: 40.7 x 4.4 x 2.4 inches

Weight: 7.41 pounds

Speaker Configuration: 2.2 channel

Tweeter: 2 built-in tweeters

Woofer: 2 built-in woofers

Audio Tuning: Music, Movies, News/Dialogue, Night Mode, Boosted Mode

DSP Chip: 2023 upgraded DSP chip

Connectivity: ARC, Optical, AUX, USB, Bluetooth 5.0

Transmission Distance: 15 meters

Ports: All cables included

Mounting: Detachable, multi-mountable ways

Control: One-click power/volume switching

Compatibility: TV/PC/Computer/Laptop

Additional Features: 7° tilt angle for sound reflection reduction, Ultra-low input lag, PCM channel support

ULTIMEA Apollo S40 Review

ULTIMEA Apollo S40 soundbar is an excellent addition to your TV setup if you are looking for best viewing experience. Its powerful sound system, coupled with various audio tuning options, makes it perfect for any movie, music, or TV show.

The detachable and multi-mountable design allows for customization according to your preferences, and the easy connectivity options ensure a hassle-free setup. Get your ULTIMEA Apollo S40 soundbar today and enjoy the immersive sound experience it provides!

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