Yamaha R-N2000A Network Hi-Fi Receiver: Boost the Power of Music

The Yamaha R-N2000A Network Hi-Fi Receiver combines authentic Hi-Fi quality with advanced features for a truly immersive audio experience. With compatibility for lossless and high-resolution music sources, including streaming services, along with state-of-the-art DAC technology and MusicCast streaming capabilities, it delivers exceptional sound fidelity. Its design eliminates interference, while the toroidal transformer ensures spacious and realistic sound reproduction. HDMI ARC compatibility and YPAO automatic calibration enhance usability.

The Yamaha R-N2000A, a network Hi-Fi receiver from the next generation, promises to provide a listening experience that is both genuine and fully immersive.

This state-of-the-art receiver includes cutting-edge technology from Yamaha’s flagship Hi-Fi components, and it’s compatible with lossless and high-resolution music sources like major streaming services, so the sound will blow your mind.

It combines the best of both worlds by providing superior Hi-Fi sound with the ease of current wireless streaming. This receiver is a monument to the development of listening experiences in the digital era, built on Yamaha’s unparalleled history in music and famous Hi-Fi equipment.

This device has ESS Technologies’ cutting-edge ES9026PRO DAC as one of its many impressive internal components. This cutting-edge DAC ensures that all of your digital sources will undergo accurate signal conversion, delivering sound that is true to the records from which it was derived.

With the R-N2000A, you can hear every nuance and detail of your favorite songs with ease thanks to the MusicCast technology that ensures complete fidelity while streaming high-resolution or lossless music.

The Yamaha R-N2000A is designed with simplicity in mind. If you have the MusicCast app on your smart device, you can stream music from popular services like Amazon HD and Spotify with a one tap, and you can also use Airplay 2 for hassle-free wireless playing. The R-N2000A takes care of the details so you can listen to music without distraction.

It demonstrates engineering brilliance beyond the realm of sound. The receiver was built with painstaking precision to block out any noise or vibration. Miniscule voltage swings and environmental ground noise are efficiently nullified by isolating the amp circuits and power source from the ground.

To further ensure that the audio quality is not degraded by vibrations, the feet, big heat sink, power transformer, and block capacitors are all securely secured to the chassis.

The Yamaha R-N2000A provides unrivaled stereo performance thanks to its superior channel separation, which minimizes differences between the left and right speakers. The R-N2000A’s dedication to providing an unrivaled listening experience is shown by its accuracy, which is usually reserved for premium Hi-Fi components.

In addition, the R-N2000A’s use of a toroidal transformer, a component often seen in high-end Hi-Fi equipment, guarantees accurate and expansive sound. Because electromagnetic interference is reduced by this transformer’s unique design, the output sound is purer and more dramatic.

It may be connected to your TV with a single HDMI cable and has audio capabilities as well as HDMI ARC compatibility. This lets you experience better audio when watching TV or movies, making for a more immersive and satisfying viewing experience.

The R-N2000A has Yamaha’s YPAO automated calibration technology to further improve your listening experience. High-precision equalization is performed by this cutting-edge technology, tailoring the sound to your environment in terms of things like wall materials and speaker location.

As a consequence, your listening experience will be customised to the specific dimensions of your listening space.

The ESS SABRE ES9026PRO Ultra DAC greatly enhances the R-N2000A’s already impressive high-performance audio conversion capabilities. With native support for DSD 11.2 MHz playback and 384 kHz playback, the R-N2000A lets you listen to music in the best possible quality.

Technical Specs: Yamaha R-N2000A


  • Yamaha

Model Number:

  • Yamaha R-N2000A

Connectivity Technology:

  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, USB

Item Dimensions:

  • 17.13 x 18.63 x 6.13 inches


  • Black

Output Wattage:

  • 190 watts

Item Weight:

  • 48.70 lbs


  • Yes

Audio In / Out:

  • CD, line1, Phono, line2

File Format:



  • Yes


  • 110 dB

Headphone Out:

  • Yes
Product Dimensions

Item Weight


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