Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar Review: Immerse Yourself in True Dolby Atmos

The Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar is an impressive and all-encompassing audio system, including eleven forward-firing speakers, one subwoofer, and four up-firing channels to recreate the whole Dolby Atmos soundstage. Connecting it to a Samsung TV enables the Q-Symphony technology to enhance all channels and provide a beautifully choreographed listening experience. It is IOS-compatible, automatically analyzes your home to find the best audio placement, and includes a voice assistant.

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Are you prepared for an enveloping auditory experience? We highly recommend the Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar. This soundbar has 11 forward-firing speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 4 upward-firing channels for a genuine Dolby Atmos experience that will transport you into the middle of the action. Put away the cords and get ready for mind-blowing, personalized sound that fills the whole space.

Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar

The Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar stands out because of its seamless integration with Samsung televisions. Using Q-Symphony, your TV’s speakers and soundbar will coordinate to enhance all of the channels and provide a beautifully orchestrated listening experience. Because no HDMI cables are needed, you’re free to set up your room however you like without worrying about the sound.

The Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar does more than simply provide high-quality music; it can also detect the acoustics of your room and adjust settings accordingly. As a result, it doesn’t matter where in the room you happen to be seated, you’ll enjoy the same authentic, rich, and crystal-clear experience.

Sound and TV volume may be managed with only your voice thanks to the soundbar’s integration with various voice assistants. The soundbar’s wireless connectivity with your iOS smartphone makes streaming music and podcasts a breeze.

The powerful up-firing speakers, acoustic beam, and hefty woofers provide for a more natural, immersive, and engaging gaming experience with 3D-optimized sound. Plus, when you start a game, the soundbar will switch to “Game Mode,” making sure you never miss a word of dialogue or commentary.

Other features of the Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar include 11.1.4 channels, a total power of 656W, a wireless subwoofer, and up-firing, side-firing, and front wide-firing speakers. Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby MAT, DTS:X, DTS-HD HRA, DTS-HD MA, DTS Express, and DTS 5.1ch are just some of the audio processing technologies it’s compatible with.

Auto AV Sync, Wide Range Tweeter, Night Mode, Voice Enhance, Hi-Res Audio Decoding, and 4K Video Pass are just a few of the audio enhancements and decoders available. Other available sound modes are Surround Sound expansion, Game Pro, Standard, and Adaptive.

Bluetooth, digital audio input (optical), Bluetooth Codec SBC, Bluetooth Power On, and compatibility with the SmartThings App are some of the available connections. In addition to wireless Dolby Atmos, Tidal (Hi-Fi) Connect, Spotify (Hi-Fi) Connect, and AirPlay, the Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar also supports these other wireless audio protocols.

The Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar is a great alternative for audiophiles and home theater fans because to its remarkable features and size.

Its power consumption is noteworthy, with the main unit and subwoofer each using 0.5W of power in sleep mode and 41W and 26W, respectively, in operation. As an added bonus, the gadget doesn’t need a special voltage converter because of its “free voltage” capability.

The Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar also has the added benefit of being simple to set up. Wall mounting hardware, an HDMI cable, a remote control battery, and a rubber foot are all included in the box.

The Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar also comes with a remote controller for simple use, touch sound for speedy Bluetooth connection, a shop mode for a tailored in-store presentation, and voice control through Amazon’s Alexa. A warranty card, point-of-purchase label, and other accessories are included in the box for hassle-free first setup.

Samsung HW-Q990C Soundbar is an excellent audio system that excels in both sound quality and features designed to improve the home cinema experience.

Technical Specification: SAMSUNG HW-Q990C Soundbar


  • Brand: Samsung
  • Model: HW-Q990C


  • Channels: 7.1.4
  • Total Power: 512W
  • Frequency Response (amp): 34Hz~17kHz

Audio Features:

  • Dolby Atmos
  • DTS:X
  • Center Channel Speaker
  • Distortion Cancelling
  • 4K Pass-through


  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Bluetooth Codec: SBC, AAC
  • HDMI In: 2
  • HDMI Out: 1
  • HDMI Version: 2.0a
  • HDMI ARC: Yes
  • HDMI CEC: Yes
  • Optical In: 1
  • Audio In: No
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • USB Music Playback: Yes
  • Auto Power Link: Yes
  • Wireless Surround Sound-Ready: Yes
  • Bluetooth Power On: Yes

Power Consumption:

  • Stand-by Power Consumption (Main): 0.5W
  • Stand-by Power Consumption (Subwoofer): 0.5W
  • Operating Power Consumption (Main): 41W
  • Operating Power Consumption (Subwoofer): 26W
  • Free Voltage: Yes
  • Wall Mount Kit: Yes
  • HDMI Cable: Yes
  • Battery for Remote Controller: Yes
  • Rubber Foot: Yes
  • Remote Controller: Yes
  • Tap Sound: Yes
  • Shop mode: Yes
  • Warranty Card: Yes
  • POP Label: Yes
  • Alexa: Yes
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